Help to reduce your stress levels with these earplugs!

Annoying noises can be the origin of stress problems, anxiety, difficulty in achieving concentration. Control the noise level and these annoyances
will diminish considerably.
Some noises can be the source of great discomfort and ailments for people with sensitive hearing, with the ear plugs, this will no longer be a
You can use it whenever you consider it necessary, because you have the opportunity to carry them with you at all times, and wear them at any sound that bothers you.

About Silent Taps

These ear plugs are widely used in environments with very loud noises, such as the production area of some companies, which is a space in which they use heavy machinery that generates a lot of noise throughout the workday.
  • They are very easy to use, because they are only inserted in the external auditory canal and thus you can prevent extreme noise from affecting your ears.
  • It is the most comfortable, safe and economical way to protect your precious hearing.
  • The sense of hearing is of great importance, that's why these ear plugs have arrived on the market, their goal is to transform the noises of everyday life into a manageable experience for those who suffer from hearing problems.

Main Advantages

Forget about
annoying noises
Accessory that helps prevent noise from passing into the ear canal and affecting your peace of mind.
Very easy
to use
They are very easy to use, easy to put on and take off.
at ease
Work at ease, in any kind of environment, don't let the noise stop you.
 Restful rest,
free from noise.
Sleep the 8 hours recommended by professionals, but a restful rest, free from noise.
Protect your ears
at all times
You can use it whenever you consider it necessary, because you have the opportunity to carry them with you at all times, and wear them at any sound that bothers you.
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Is it true that it decreases the level of noise perception?
Yes, Silent Taps is an accessory made of silicone that adapts to the ear canal and fits perfectly, preventing sound from entering your ears.
Are ear plugs really hygienic?
No. The material that makes up Silent Taps allows them to be washed whenever the user considers it necessary, extending their useful life, because they are also reusable.
Are they only used at work?
No. Silent Taps is a product that you can use at any time and in any place. Just have access to them, put them in place and start enjoying peace of mind.
Is it safe to use during a night's rest?
Yes, these accessories are totally safe, because their material is flexible, and allows them to fit perfectly to the ear canal.
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